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Time To Own My Home

Making Home Buying Simple

Our mission is to provide an affordable solution to homeownership. We help low to middle-class working families to attain knowledge on becoming a homeowner. We are committed to seeing families through the process from the beginning to the end. We know by providing the necessary tools we are creating homeowners and closing the wealth gap.

In order to gain generational wealth you have to

Disadvantages of Renting

1. The biggest disadvantage of renting is the loss of value. Assume you rent a residence for $1,000 a month and you live in the residence for two years. You will have paid a total of $24,000 in rent, a pure expenditure. The $24,000 is simply gone and you will have nothing to show for it other than the time you spent in the home. Compare this to what your landlord has gained.

2. Your landlord received all the equity that you put in. Which amounts to the increase in the value of the house. the amount of increase in the value of the house. If the rental home equity increase by $20,000 in two years, the landlord has received a windfall. They may have seen a gain of $24,000 in appreciation and payments lowering the mortgage. As a renter, you have made this all possible.

3. Now, what would have happened if you had purchased a similar home with similar financial figures? You would have seen an increase in YOUR wealth of $24,000, not the landlord’s wealth. If you renting, these figures should make your teeth grind.

If you are renting, you should enroll in our Time To Own My Home System. After all, isn’t it time to make your money work for you, not a landlord?


Our 4 step system will teach you how to become a home owner

Help you manage your debt-ratio.

Help you to manage your credit.

Help you with Down Payment Assistance.

Teach you how to realistically house shop.

What you will learn:

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